My Blue Sky and Anti-Slavery Australia

Launched in December 2015, My Blue Sky is Australia’s first website dedicated to forced marriage prevention, information, referrals and legal advice. The site empowers vulnerable people and those who support them to access resources, links to Australian support services, and direct legal assistance through phone, text message, email and secure online locker room.

Anti-Slavery Australia is a dedicated team of lawyers, researchers and educators who are committed to providing justice and fair treatment for people who have experienced all forms of human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices including forced labour and forced marriage. Based in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney for over 12 years, we offer access to a specialist legal service, carry out leading research, advocate for law reform and policy change, and create online and face-to-face nationwide educational and outreach programs.

Each year Anti-Slavery Australia staff talk to thousands of students, lawyers and frontline workers about trafficking, slavery and forced marriage around the country through seminars, workshops and webinars. We reach thousands more through the distribution of multilingual resources, our cutting edge e-learning program, interactive website and social media.

How we can help you.

1. We provide free, confidential legal advice. We take referrals from people in, or at risk of, forced marriage, the public and other service providers

How we can help you.

2. We refer clients to counsellors, accommodation services, health workers and other support services

How we can help you.

3. We visit schools and workplaces to raise awareness about forced marriage.

How we can help you.

4. We provide training sessions about forced marriage both in person and through our online e-learning training platform.

We provide access to legal advice

We provide access to comprehensive legal advice, representation and assistance to over 80 clients at any one time, mostly women, who have been trafficked, enslaved or forced to marry in Australia. We offer advice about immigration, citizenship, human rights, employment law, family law, criminal law, victims’ compensation and more. We also provide one-off legal advice and referrals weekly to pro bono lawyers and other specialist services.


Our work

We maintain strong connections with government agencies, NGOs and community organisations and have collaboratively developed best practice responses.

How to contact us

For free confidential help about forced marriage call us on (02) 9514 8115. This is a dedicated forced marriage line with an out of hours recorded message. You can also email us at or send an SMS to 0481 070 844

Locker Room

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