Jasmine’s Story

A 16 year old Australian girl, Jasmine,

went to visit her grandparents in a country with no Australian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate. She did not know that her parents had arranged for her to marry a 35-year old cousin. Jasmine told her family she did not want to marry.

Jasmine was subjected to abuse,

verbal and physical, by her family. They took her passport and tickets so she could not return to Australia. However, she was able to contact the 24 hour Consular Emergency Centre in Australia to get help.

The Australian Government,

was able to get in touch with Jasmine’s close friends and trusted family members (who were not involved in planning the marriage) in Australia who helped to bring Jasmine home, where she received further support.

Jasmine was lucky,

however, not all cases of forced marriage end so well. There are also limits on what the Australian Government can do to help and it also depends on the circumstances of each case and on the country that you are in, but the Government will do it’s very best to help you.

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