Survivors’ perspectives and insights: a pilot study

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Australia’s legal response to forced marriage: Survivors’ perspectives and insights 

What is this research about?

Australia’s legal response to forced marriage has developed without paying attention to the views and experiences of people affected by forced marriage. This research explores the views of survivors of forced marriage about Australia’s response to forced marriage.

Who can be part of the study?

As part of our research we are interviewing adult survivors of forced marriage who have come into contact with Australian authorities or services since 2013. This includes people who stopped a marriage they did not want, or people who have left a marriage that was forced on them.
The research team will only interview adults who are living in Australia in a safe and supported environment and who are no longer at risk of forced marriage. If you are currently at risk of or experiencing forced marriage, please contact the helpline.

How do I find out more?
If you have been affected by forced marriage in the past and you would to learn more about this project you can contact the research team on .

What will happen next?
We will reply to your email by sending you a participant information sheet and consent form. The participant information sheet will explain:
• what the research is about
• who can participate in the research
• what participating involves, and
• what steps the research team will take to protect your privacy and keep your personal information confidential.
It is completely up to you whether or not you decide to take part in this research.
If, after learning more about the research project, you tell us that you are interested, a member of the research team will be in touch to explain what will happen at the interview, and to answer any questions you may have. You will also be asked questions about what support services are available to you.

Ethics approval
This study has ethics approval in accordance with the University of Technology Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (UTS HREC) guidelines. If you have any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the conduct of this research, please contact the Ethics Secretariat on ph. +61 2 9514 2478 or email and quote this reference number ETH19-3954 & ETH19-4318. Any matter raised will be treated confidentially, investigated and you will be informed of the outcome.
You will be not be personally identified in any research report or publications. You will find more information about how we protect your confidentiality in the participant information sheet.

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